Bison's Big Bang started in 2012 as a graduate thesis project at Philadelphia's University of the Arts. The project continued on into the working band it is today beginning with their first album release, "Pure Imagination," in 2015. Led by saxophonist Brian Blaker, the group consists mostly of members from other local Philly band staples (Swift Technique, iLL Doots, Killiam Shakespeare, Cold Roses, Hambone Relay, etc.). Each performance is its own unique experience as the band places a heavy emphasis on each member's individuality in improvisation, composition and arranging. This culminates in a melting pot of influences drawing from jazz, rock, hip-hop and funk.


Current Members Include:

Brian Blaker - Saxophone, composition, arrangements

Nuno Campos - Bass

Ricardo Coelho - Vibraphone

Antonio Pedro “AP” Neves - Guitar

Miguel Sampaio - Drums